q2d2: A public QIIME 2 prototype

7 01 2016

Hello QIIME Users,
This month we’re starting to transition from prototyping to developing QIIME 2. To mark this transition, I put together a demo video that illustrates the end point of one of our QIIME 2 prototypes, q2d2, as a follow-up to my previous blog post, Toward QIIME 2.

This is an approximately 18-minute video that illustrates ideas for the QIIME 2 API, and our jupyter (i.e., IPython Notebook) based “documentation-driven” interface. The YouTube page linked above has a table of contents that will let you skip to specific sections of the video.

q2d2 can be easily installed and run on your laptop. As I note in the video, you should use q2d2 for testing purposes only – it’s not sufficiently tested for real data analysis.





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