PyNAST 1.2.1 release is live, and future PyNAST announcements will be posted to the QIIME Blog

16 11 2013

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce the PyNAST 1.2.1 release, available for download here. This is primarily a bug fix release, allowing PyNAST to make smarter decisions about where to store temporary files (QIIME issues #999 and #1114). This had been an issue for some PyNAST users working in cluster environments. If this hasn’t been an issue for you, it is not important to upgrade from PyNAST 1.2.0.

Also, all future news and announcements related to PyNAST will be posted here on the QIIME blog. Merging these blogs will help us reduce our administrative burden. The PyNAST blog has been very low traffic (four posts in nearly four years) so we don’t expect this to increase the number of posts here noticeably.

Thanks to the QIIME users how helped us track down this PyNAST issue!





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