QIIME 1.0.0 is now live!

9 04 2010

The QIIME Development Team is proud to announce that QIIME 1.0.0 is now live. This includes a new build of the QIIME virtual box, new tutorials, and many new features.

All users upgrading from QIIME 0.9* will need to upgrade to PyCogent 1.4.1. Users who plan to perform sequence alignment with PyNAST will need to upgrade to PyNAST 1.1 and uclust 1.1.579, and users who plan to pick OTUs with uclust will also need to upgrade to uclust 1.1.579. QIIME 1.0.0 is not compatible with previous versions of these software packages.

New features in QIIME 1.0.0 include:

Finally, we wish to thank all of our users and collaborators for the feedback and suggestions that have gone into QIIME! As always, feel free to contact us via qiime.help@colorado.edu for technical support, and get us any feature requests or bug reports via Sourceforge.






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