QIIME code sprint: 9 Feb 2010

8 02 2010

On February 9th 2010, the QIIME development team will be holding a code sprint to work on tasks related to the command line interfaces in preparation for the QIIME 1.0 release.

This will affect all users of the Qiime svn repository: Beginning at about 7am (U.S. Mountain Time) on 9 Feb 2010, the svn code will be unstable during the sprint, and likely for about 36 hours after. svn users who are not involved in the code sprint should avoid performing an svn update between 7am Tuesday and 7pm Wednesday (U.S. Mountain Time).

We’re primarily hoping to accomplish two things with the QIIME code sprint:

  1. Move all of the command line interface code from the library code files (Qiime/qiime/*.py) to new files in the scripts directory (Qiime/scripts).
  2. Standardize the ‘look-and-feel’ of the Qiime command line interfaces by creating all command line interfaces using a new function in Qiime/qiime/util.py (parse_command_line_parameters, which will be added to the code base during the sprint.)

As always, the svn code base should be considered development code. Users who are most interested in having a stable installation of QIIME should install the QIIME releases. (Go here to find the latest release, which is QIIME 0.9 as of this post.) Users who are interested in contributing to QIIME, or who are more interested in having access to the latest-and-greatest features and can tolerate some inconsistency in the code base, are encouraged to use the svn code.




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